Operation Christmas Magic: Lip Sync Contest


When Richard Fox approached me about an idea he had, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when he told me what had danced into his head one night (it wasn’t quite visions of sugarplums – but it did have something to do with Christmas!), I was excited to make his dream a reality!  He saw fun Lip Sync videos popping up all over his Facebook feed and thought, “Well, this is kind of fun, but these videos aren’t actually doing anything but entertaining everybody. What if we could help kids in need this Christmas with a Lip Sync Challenge spearheaded by our Richard C Fox Plumbing team, and championed by the Lakeland Business Leaders?!”

So, we met and discussed his vision, then we sprung into action! Many long-time followers of the Lakeland Business Leaders might remember when we introduced “Operation Christmas Magic,” where we received a donation in the form of a car that someone wanted to give to a young man in need at Anchor House. We all chipped in and got the car tuned up, painted, and repaired, along with some extra funds for the first few months of insurance.

In the back of our minds, we’ve always wanted to make Operation Christmas Magic a tradition with LBL and it seems like Richard Fox has finally made that possible!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at LoveLakeland, former mayor Howard Wiggs and his wife Linda Bagley Wiggs to ensure that the funds collected can be tax-deductible. Love Lakeland, Inc is a 501 (c)(3) organization that was created to help spread the love of Lakeland throughout our community. Each month, with the help of local sponsors, Love Lakeland celebrates a “CityMaker” with the help of Mayor Bill Mutz – essentially, we help celebrate the unsung heroes of our community.

Here are the details for Operation Christmas Magic 2018:

  • You can enter the contest and see the full event details on the Operation Christmas Magic website
  • Anyone can participate – families, local businesses, corporations, departments, individuals.
  • Contestants are asked to make a recommended donation of $100 along with their submission.
  • All proceeds will go to 10 local non-profits that specifically have programs during the holidays to take care of children in need.
  • The list of non-profits can be seen on our Operation Christmas Magic page.
  • Supporters who do not want to record a video can make a donation here.
  • As soon as the videos are received, they will be uploaded to the LoveLakeland YouTube Channel and placed in a gallery for users to vote on.
  • Voters need not make a donation to participate – we simply want everyone to engage, share and spread Lakeland Love and holiday cheer throughout the community!

We’re so excited to see all of your videos!

If you have questions, or need some help organizing your video, comment below, or send us an email at team@maximizedigital.com

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Chrissanne Long

I’m an online community builder, founder of Lakeland Business Leaders and I am pretty passionate about Lakeland, and helping professionals utilize the Internet to build real relationships based on collaboration and shared community values.

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