LBL, Meet Jessica Campos!

Jessica Campos is the newest member of our LBL team and we couldn’t be more happy to be working with her! She’ll be doing some consulting work to ensure that the LBL experience is as worthwhile as it can be!

  • What does your business do? I help small business owners reach their business goals. I specialize in the area of marketing, social media, sales, and customer service. By identifying areas of improvement and listening to business owners talk about their concerns, I am able to create a development plan for their success, helping the business owner every step of the way!
  • Who are your clients? Small business owners who need a consultant to help create internal processes, boost up their social media pages, increase sales, conduct surveys for business feedback or any other big-picture project they’d like my help to complete!
  • What sets your business apart from its competitors? What sets me apart is that I like to work on projects that involve our community. I love Lakeland and what our community has to offer. Taking on projects that help improve our community, even in the slightest, is a motivator for me.
  • Why did you choose Lakeland? I’ve lived in Lakeland since I was 9 years old. Since then, there has been so much change in our community. I wanted to be part of that change.
  • What’s your relationship with LBL? I have the pleasure of working with Chrissanne and Craig as a consultant during their transition and rebranding of LBL. They are passionately working on making some big improvements and I am excited that I am able to help them with that process!
  • How did you get started with LBL? I had 1 conversation with Chrissanne and Craig, went home and Googled everything about LBL, and quickly realized this was something I needed to be a part of.
  • What does LBL mean to you? Most of all it means long-lasting relationships. Everyone I have met in LBL loves the relationships they have built, which goes hand-in-hand with the growth of their businesses.
  • What do you think LBL has to offer the small business community? LBL has created a culture unlike any other business organization. LBL genuinely cares about you and your business growth while still being down to Earth in the process.
  • What would you say to someone who’s thinking about joining LBL? If you are thinking about joining, just join. It’s a small investment for the relationships you’re going to build.
  • What are three things people should know about you? Before starting my business I only worked for fortune 500 companies, I am a solutions finder (my mind is always trying to problem-solve) and I am low-key very funny.
BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Chrissanne Long
I’m an online community builder, founder of Lakeland Business Leaders and I am pretty passionate about Lakeland, and helping professionals utilize the Internet to build real relationships based on collaboration and shared community values.