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Margaret Mead, an Anthropologist and Women’s Rights Activist who is credited with changing the way we study different human cultures, said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Over the years, LBL has changed the way we connect as business owners, and it has been thanks to a small group of thoughtful, committed Lakelanders, like you. We’ve learned that authentic connections can change our lives, help us grow our businesses and provide us with a sense of agency over the future of our business community.

Today, we’re re-imagining LBL, and looking for ways to improve the structure, which means we’re going to need to innovate, and take some steps to try new things. The LBL conversation has always taken place on Facebook. And we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished!  But for those of you who want more than that – for people who are looking for deeper conversations, and who believe there’s more we could (and maybe should) be doing, we’re taking the conversation to the next level with our own platform.

I’ve known all along that you can’t build a sustainable business on someone else’s platform. My heart is here in Lakeland, and I know your heart is too. But, let’s face it, Facebook’s heart is not. We know that online conversations are important, but Facebook doesn’t really give us the option to dig in, create conversations that we can save, and in some cases present data to our civic leaders on important issues impacting us as citizens and as business owners.

That’s why we’re inviting you to take part in this next leg of the journey. Would you like to explore a new way to connect? I happen to think your voice is an important part of the conversation.

It all starts with thoughtful consideration of these 2 questions:
  1. Whose job is it to look out for the small businesses in our community?
  2. Do you think that responsibility might actually be ours?

As the creator of LBL, I believe it is our responsibility to connect, engage and collectively raise the bar. If not us, who, if not now, when? Join us as we explore how we can work together to get our voices heard and make a difference in our community.

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