How do you spell “Community?”

By Dianne Kaplan

It’s interesting the range of definition the word community has, from a simple collection of people or people and place, to definitions that include things like the word “responsibility.” How do you spell community? At this time (and, particularly within this group) does community mean a collection of business leaders? Does it mean more than that?

When we talk about local, choosing local, and thinking “local first,” many of us also know there are selfish reasons this can make good business sense for OUR businesses as well. Supporting our local business compatriots puts significantly more money back into our community from tax, increased hiring, and personal expenditure perspective. The increasing sense of “community” also builds local resilience and economic confidence, allowing business to expand and reinvest over again in the community.

Is there more? Do we include the word responsibility in our definition of community? Do we, as business leaders, show others what local can be through both shopping local and community involvement, in ways we benefit from directly OR indirectly through the strengthening of the fibers binding our community together?

What other words say “community” to you?

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Dianne Kaplan

Passionate about making a difference wherever I find myself, learning, growing, and supporting our community. A native New Jerseyian, I found myself replanted in central Florida nearly nine years ago. I love the Lakeland community and watching it grow!