Getting Started with the New LBL Platform

It has been exciting to see so many people interested in this new platform for engaging with the LBL Business community. We’re at nearly 100 users already! I thought it would be helpful to share some steps to getting started with this new platform so you can get the most out of your experience here! If you have questions about the platform, please comment below!

Here are 5 Steps to Take When Getting Started in this New Community

  1. Complete your profile We’re here to get to know each other and to connect transparently and openly with one another. This means we want to know who you are. In order to fully use the site, you will need to complete your profile 100%. Each item in your profile must be completed before you can post, comment, or join groups. Once you have completed this step, you’re free to move about the platform! 🙂
  2. Join Groups We’ve created a few groups to get the conversation started. These groups are public, which means the topics, and the comments are viewable by non-members. We do plan to create private groups as engagement increases, and we establish the purpose of other groups. If you’d like to comment in any of the groups you must join them first. For now, we have created the following groups to start the conversation:  Business Talk, City Talk, Marketing Talk and LBL BETA Project. You can join one, or all of them, based on your interests!
  3. Start Posting  So, you’ve got your profile completed and you’ve joined a few groups!  So, what are you waiting for?!  Get to posting!  But before you do, please remember that this is not the place for self-promotion. We’ve created this community to allow business owners to have a safe place to connect, share experiences, ask questions and learn from each other. We will continue to use the LBL Facebook Forum for members to promote their businesses, and this platform will allow us to really dig in and focus on what matters most to each of us – growing our businesses.
  4. Make Connections This new platform is designed to allow you to connect with other members, much like Facebook. The main difference is that you have a lot more control over who you follow and what notifications you’ll receive about your connections. Start by making friends. Click on the names of a few people you already know and send them a Friend Request. You can also choose to “Follow.”  This will allow you to be notified when a user posts something within the community – within the groups you are also a member of. If you want to get the most out of this platform, we highly recommend that you make some connections, otherwise, it will feel very lonely!
  5. Manage your Notifications We want you to make this platform work for you!  We’re going to be sending a weekly highlight reel of the most engaging conversations, but we hope you’ll find time throughout the week to come back and check in with the other conversations too!  We can’t cover every single topic in the email, so it’s important that you set up your notifications to allow you to stay connected to the people, groups and conversations you don’t want to miss.
    From your desktop browser, you can navigate to manage your notifications preferences by visiting your profile, and clicking “Preferences” in the right menu navigation. (See Screenshot below).

    From your mobile device
    , from any screen, find the “hamburger” menu and press it. You’ll get a drop down with the options “Members,” “Groups,” and your User Profile. On the right, you’ll see an arrow. Click that and another menu will drop down. Toward the bottom, you’ll see “Preferences.”From here, you can update your preferences, access your profile, your notifications and your account details.  Edit these according to your personal preference!

So, now you’ve completed the important first steps for getting started within this new community. We want to know if you have any questions, or are experiencing any difficulties that we can assist with!  Please let us know if you have other questions or issues by opening a topic in the Support Forums!

Thanks again for being a part of the business community – We look forward to some amazing partnerships as we continue to grow!

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