Spread the Love

What if there was a way to really spread the love through our local business community?

What if we each could take one meaningful action each month (or more, if possible), to make a statement that has a significant impact?

What if we were able to “put our money where our mouth is” and send a powerful message at the same time.

Introducing the #LBLSpreadtheLOVE campaign.

This initiative is powered by YOU:

The Local businesses in Lakeland who understand what it means to operate and run a small business. The people, like you, who know that sometimes, you just need to see a friendly, supportive face and who sometimes, just need to know that someone out there “gets it.”

So, if you want to spread the local love, you’re invited to do so, for FREE!



Take action; show your love; spend your money with a local business – then, sit back and feel the good vibes that come when you make a significant contribution to your local economy.

Instructions: Request your cards below, and, when you pick them up, select one (or more) locally owned/operated business in the community that needs to feel the love. Spend some money ($50, $25, $10 – whatever makes you feel good for supporting another business). If you’re in hurry, or don’t need anything, but want to spread the love, simply buy a  gift certificate to give as a gift to someone you love. There are no rules here, this is just a gesture to make a statement that you want to spread the love, and you’ve selected a local business to spread that message! Use the hashtag #LBLSpreadtheLOVE on social media when you take a picture of you and the business/owner or your purchase.

    Cards requested will be requested available at the next event based upon your preferred pick up location above.
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