Solicitation Guidelines

keep-calm-and-follow-the-guidelines-4Basic Guidelines for Solicitation in LBL Facebook Group:

The Lakeland Business Leaders group is a service provided for the benefit of the community of business owners and professionals in Lakeland.  By bringing the community of business owners and professionals together, we are able to help others find local solutions, gain knowledge about various topics and improve our community for a mutually beneficial result:  For the greater good of all who believe in the power of authentic relationships.  As with any community, guidelines are necessary and it is essential that the members of the group do not feel that by asking a question, or presenting a problem, they are opening themselves up to unwanted solicitations for sales of products or services.

Below are the guidelines for solicitation as it applies to the Lakeland Business Leaders Facebook group.

1. Direct messages sent to a member of the group without an invitation, or call to action, in which the person sending the message is attempting to sell, recruit or otherwise solicit business from another member, is expressly forbidden – and the recipient of such message is encouraged to report the message and provide necessary documentation to the webmaster.

2. If a member posts a question in which they are seeking a specific solution, and a message of solicitation is sent that is not directly related to the original request, the receiving member may report the message to the webmaster for review.  For example: “Hi, I saw your post in LBL about looking for a treadmill… I have a great weight loss solution that is guaranteed to help you lose weight in 6 weeks” or “Hi, I saw your post in LBL that you had an automobile accident.  I am an attorney, I can help!” Those who receive these messages are encouraged to report the message and provide any documentation to the webmaster.

3. If a member has a solution that might benefit another member who has posted a question publicly (in the LBL group/Forum), that member is encouraged to comment on the public thread and NOT send a private message to the person who originally posted the query, unless the original post requested that members with solutions respond via Direct Message.

If a member is reported for violating one of these guidelines, the documentation will be reviewed and a decision made by the LBL admin team. After review, if it appears that the member who made the solicitation is not willing to adjust their strategies to adhere to the guidelines, the member will be removed from the group permanently.

To Report an Incident:

To report an incident in which you believe an LBL members has violated these guidelines, please visit:  Please supply any screenshots or other documentation with your submission.  We will review the information and contact you directly, via email if we have any additional questions.

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