LBL – It might not be for you – and that’s OK.

Making a Difference One Person at a Time

The value is in the people.

Let me get this straight, you regularly receive referrals for business opportunities as a result of being a FREE member of this group, and yet, you want to question the value? At some point, you likely have made well over $97 and yet that’s too much to pay the person who, for over three years has been building an environment for businesses and professionals to connect in this manner. The jobs you have received as a result of these referrals would never have landed in your lap while you were out trying to grow your business, had it not been for our time and commitment to growing this group (2,360 members and growing every day) – moderating, answering questions, planning and organizing events, and making connections that might otherwise never have existed. All so that our members (including you) can make meaningful connections and build authentic relationships with other members of this amazing community.

Maybe it’s not for you.

If you are unable to identify the value, and are unable to understand what the ROI is for being a member of this group, I would like to suggest that this group is NOT for you.

Our focus is on providing our community a place to support local businesses; to give residents and businesses a positive environment to connect and explore the great companies that are in this city. My focus is on those who have invested in this group, both by supporting our members and by attending events. If you struggle with understanding what’s in it for you, then I politely ask you to find the “leave group” button.

We’re committed to our community.

We no longer have time to explain the power of the group to those who don’t understand, because there are too many who DO, and we are serving them and their needs. However, if someday, you do decide this group is valuable and worth the investment, we will be here, doing what we can to make Lakeland a better place for everyone to live, work and play.

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